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Speaker: Terry Jones

Terry JonesTerry Jones is on the cutting edge of innovation and change. As founder of, chairman of, and Chief Information Officer at American Airlines/Sabre, Terry has a proven track record of leading companies whose innovations have changed an industry. For the last five years through his consulting practice, as a board member and as a venture capitalist, Terry has been helping companies use the tools and techniques he's developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world.

As Terry has worked in small startups and the corporate world he has a unique perspective on innovation and can offer audiences real world examples of how to create a culture of innovation in their companies.

A lively, humorous and entertaining speaker Jones always does the research necessary to customize his presentations for each audience.

Jones' credentials have breadth and depth. In the 70s Terry helped create one the of the fastest growing business travel companies ever formed. In the 80s and 90s Terry led product development, programming and operations at American Airlines SABRE, the computer system that became a Harvard case study on automating your customers. And then in 1996 he founded and took it from a team of 10 to a multi billion dollar public company. But he didn't stop there, after leaving Travelocity he became chairman of, a completely different travel site, that in three years is the size of Priceline.

A graduate of Denison University, Jones entered the business world in 1971 as a travel agent with Vega Travel in Chicago. Today he serves as principle of Essential Ideas a company he founded to help companies in the transition to the digital economy. He is chairman of and serves on the boards of Rearden Commerce, Smart Destinations and EarthLink. He is a special venture partner at General Catalyst Partners and serves on the boards of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival and the Technical Advisory Committee of the Boy Scouts of America.

Topics: Sales and Marketing; Motivation and Inspiration; Entrepreneurship

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Top Speaking Topics

The Business of Innovation

Terry Jones, master of innovation took a team of 10 and built a multi billion dollar enterprise based on an innovative idea that most of his colleagues thought would fail. Terry will take your audience through the steps to nurture new ideas and the organizational structures, funding policies and team members required for success. Many speakers talk about the future, Terry gives audiences step by step plans to create it.

Building Digital Relationships with Your Customers

Online research will soon influence over $1 trillion in offline sales, yet many companies are still optimized to deal with customers only over the phone or in the store. At companies such as Travelocity,, La Quinta Hotels and Earthlink, Terry has been involved in creating, leading and implementing CRM strategies that leverage the digital world.. He discusses the latest techniques for emarketing, the evolution of search, and how broadband is changing consumer behavior online. Participants will learn how to craft a multi-channel strategy to deal with tomorrow’s marketplace. 

Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

But how does one build a startup inside a huge corporation? How do you successfully innovate in large and sometimes bureaucratic organizations? Terry started as a department inside the multi billion dollar Sabre Corporation. Starting with an idea and a team of ten he grew the department into a multi billion dollar public company with over 35 million members and 1200 employees. Intrapreneurs face different challenges than entrepreneurs. Competitors are as likely to be internal as external. His story of how one navigates the corporate power structure to turn an idea into a company has applicability for anyone with a new product or a new idea.