Cheryl on CNN Int’l

As promised, here is the link to speaker Cheryl Perera’s participation on a roundtable discussion on human slavery on CNN International. The three young activists talked about their efforts to bring awareness and in turn stop global human trafficking. Great job Cheryl!

Erica Ehm

I was thrilled to be in the audience Thursday at The Nielsen Company’s 360 Conference. Erica had the marketers in the palm of her hand as she talked about how to reach out to moms…when developing their future marketing strategies. Excellent presentation!

Terry Jones

Our speaker Terry Jones will be in Colorado Springs on Thursday to speak at a gathering of executives.

CNN Interview

Recently CNN International came calling to set-up a panel discussion on child slavery…and it was Right Channel Speakers’ Cheryl Perera who they wanted to participate. There were two other participants on the panel, one in Colorado and one in Washington…the air date will be in a week or two…I will blog the actual day and […]